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Automated Software House


Elevate your software development to the automated level. No more code, macros, … just text to software One Sentence - One Application - Automated Software House

Automated Software House analyzes the description and asks for any necessary explanations, generates an initial code base in a remote repository and performs implementation at the indicated service provider in the user’s Internet domain.


OneDayRun SaaS proposes a groundbreaking resolution to bridge the gap between ideas and technical implementation for those without coding expertise. With just a simple text description, users can have a foundational application automatically generated, compiled, and deployed, catering to the fast-paced demand for digital solutions in businesses of all sizes.


“Envision. Describe. Deploy. - Software creation at the speed of thought.”


  1. Market Analysis & User Personas: Deep dive into user needs by understanding the pain points of non-technical individuals with brilliant app ideas.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: Emphasize simplicity and intuitiveness in the application’s user interface to lower the entry barrier to software development.
  3. Artificial Intelligence Integration: Continuously improve the AI’s interpretive algorithms to precisely translate business requirements into functional software.
  4. Robust Code Templates Library: Develop an extensive library of modular and customizable templates that can be automatically selected and configured by the AI based on the user’s input.
  5. Managed Deployments: Simplify the deployment process with automated setup across popular hosting platforms and continual integration and delivery systems.
  6. Community & Support: Build a community platform where users can share ideas, seek advice, and access comprehensive support materials.


  1. Q2-Q3 2023: Concept Validation & AI Testing
    • Validate the AI’s ability to interpret natural language accurately.
    • Begin building the core AI engine.
  2. Q4 2023: Development of Minimal Viable Product (MVP)
    • Create a user-friendly interface for requirement input.
    • Implement basic code generation features.
    • Launch Beta to a closed group for feedback.
  3. Q1-Q2 2024: Beta Testing & Iteration
    • Open up Beta to a wider audience for extensive testing.
    • Iterate on feedback, improving the AI and the UI/UX.
    • Develop initial code templates for common types of software.
  4. Q3 2024: Expansion of Codebase & Feature Set
    • Increase the number of templates and the flexibility of customizations.
    • Introduce more complex application structures.
    • Integrate with popular version control and deployment platforms.
  5. Q4 2024: Full Launch & Marketing Push
    • Official launch of OneDayRun SaaS.
    • Begin aggressive marketing campaigns targeting startups and entrepreneurs.
  6. Q1-Q2 2025: Strategic Partnerships & Ecosystem Growth
    • Form partnerships with educational institutions and technology companies.
    • Expand the marketplace for plugins and integrations.
  7. Q3-Q4 2025 and beyond: Continual Improvement & Scaling
    • Roll out updates based on user data and evolving technology best practices.
    • Scale up the infrastructure to support growing user base.
    • Explore AI advancements to further refine and diversify the generated codebases.

By focusing on a roadmap that prioritizes user experience and sophisticated code generation, OneDayRun SaaS is poised to redefine how we approach software development, making it more accessible and significantly reducing time-to-market for innovative software applications.


    title OneDayRun SaaS Product Roadmap
    dateFormat  YYYY-MM-DD

    section Concept Phase
    Concept Validation & AI Testing               :done,    des1, 2023-04-01, 2023-06-30
    Core AI Engine Development                   :active,  des2, 2023-07-01, 2023-09-30

    section MVP Development
    User Interface Design                        :         des3, 2023-10-01, 2024-01-31
    Basic Code Generation Features               :         des4, after des2, 2024-02-28
    Closed Beta Testing & Feedback Loop          :         des5, 2024-02-01, 2024-06-30

    section Beta Testing & Iteration
    Open Beta Testing                            :         des6, 2024-07-01, 2024-09-30
    Feedback Iteration & Improvements            :         des7, after des6, 2024-12-31
    Expand Code Templates Library                :         des8, 2024-10-01, 2024-12-31

    section Launch Preparation
    Integration with Version Control & Deployment Platforms : des9, 2024-10-01, 2024-12-31
    Official Launch & Marketing Campaign         :         des10, 2024-12-01, 2025-03-31

    section Post-Launch Growth
    Strategic Partnerships & Ecosystem Expansion :         des11, 2025-04-01, 2025-06-30
    Marketplace for Plugins & Integrations       :         des12, 2025-07-01, 2025-09-30

    section Scaling and Improvement
    Infrastructure Scaling & User Base Growth    :         des13, 2025-10-01, 2025-12-31
    AI Advancements & Code Diversification       :         des14, after des13, 2026-03-31
    Continuous Updates & Refinements             :         des15, after des14, 2026-12-31

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